What comes to mind about APPLES?
Which 2 words were written by a MAD? Solution is in the video.

MAD or MED: Secret role party game with words!

Who’s crazy and who’s the doc? You don’t know, but you have a weapon: your creative mind! The key to victory is just a good word. A game of deduction + association!

We recommend it for 5 or more players (9-99 years old) who love games based on creative association and conversation. It’s also great for  getting to know other players.

Every game seems complicated until you play it. I suggest you just sit down to play. No need to read the rules, just start and run the game by following the instructions. After two test games you will understand the game.

Your fate is in your own hand: it is up to you to come up with a good word. Your word will have a huge impact on winning or losing.
Variety: every game is different because the conversation is always based on completely random topics. the curve of the eagle’s beak, Shakespeare writing technique, guitarists’ hair, etc.
Stress-free: Of course accusations and defenses are important part of the game, but here you are not defending yourself as a person. You are defending a theory, often even if it is a complete absurdity (if you are a MAD). This makes it less painful to be voted off (you can’t die in this game, everyone stays in the game until the last moment).
Pro plays: The best moments of the game are when you, as a MAD, manage to encrypt your secret genius in a word, or as a MED, you notice the connection between words.
Laughs: The association and the negotiation of these together brings many funny moments!

Download the free app from Google Play or App Store. You don’t need anything else, but a couple of friends to play. Soon you will be able to join online games too.

We’ve made the game as customizable as possible so that we can play it in so many ways that we haven’t been able to test it all yet. Our favorite variations:
Drawing: players need to hide associations in pictures.
Hardcore: two common words at a time. Then MEDs must refer to 2 words, MADs to 3!
Custom word: the winning team determines the next common word.

– secret role game without random votes (minimum luck factor)
– voting game without dying
– the effects of your decisions are played in funny animation with your own photos and sounds
– 53 language dictionaries
– stimulates humor: The game rewards the funniest, most creative solutions
– infinite replay value, every game is different
– 4-16 players (best: 5-10 players)
– cooperative: teams are playing against each other (2-7 teams)
– high interaction: everyone gets in touch with everyone (but you can stay silent too)

More info:

To be honest I’m a boardgame MAD. And this project drove me into total madness. 🙂 In MAD or MED, I mixed my favorite game elements into a new game that aims to provide a more entertaining social experience. We’re constantly refining the game, I have 1000 more ideas, but now we need you! Play and send us your feedback to info@madormed.com.

Mate Magyar - designer