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MAD role explanation

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Why do MADs lose if they don’t find each other?
If someone is passionate about football, is that crazy? No, because a lot of people love football. This is not the case if someone is obsessed with mosquitoes. That guy must be crazy :). The difference is that one mania is accepted by the majority and the other is not. You have a secret mania in the game. This is normal for you. You are wondering why others are not passionate about the thing. However, if you can’t find another person like you for a long time, you will be thinking that you are not okay! In your lonely lethargy, you realize that you must be really crazy, so you decide to treat yourself with some good shock therapy.
But if you find another person who is obsessed with the same thing, then you’re not alone, you can’t be crazy. You gain strength from this.

If, after that, even a doctor trusts and certifies that you are normal, your mania becomes the new standard for sanity. Congratulations, you won! Doctors must admit that they are mistaken in their judgment of the maniac, which ends their careers, which of course gives them instant shock! 🙂

It also follows that in the game, MAD is not a negative character, just an unusual viewpoint.

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