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Drawing pictures variant

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This game can be played also by drawing pictures! Instead of writing words, now you try to hide your secret mania into pictures. It can be some little detail, or the overall design referring to the secret word.

The game on the picture was an actual game (with minor changes).
There were two MAD teams.
Two players drew kangaroos, so they lost their vote in the first round.
The MEDs won in the end (but only because team #2 made an unfortunate mistake).
The common word was: AUSTRALIA
MAD team #1 secret mania was:

MAD team #2 secret mania was:

Rules to consider: Noone can draw the common word itself. If this rule is not applied, it’s very hard for the MADS to remain hidden (everyone draws Australia map).

Second round: two variations:
1. you have to draw a new picture
2. or you have to add some element to your first picture

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