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Hardcore variant: the curve of the eagle’s beak

1 min read

It seemed a very crazy idea, but we tried a new variant. Instead of one common words we used TWO! Which means the MADs needed to find a word related to THREE words! We started to test it for fun saying why not? But we realized this variant takes the players into much deeper into mind fantasy and very interesting topics. We ended up arguing about the shape of the eagle’s beak, and the exact methods how Shakespeare wrote his dramas. Psychoanalysis round looked like: What do you think of when you hear these words: EAGLE, SQUARE?
I was a FOAM MAD, and I said BEAK. Another words could have been WINDOW or BIRDBATH, etc. Ok I didn’t escape the shock machine, but it was fun. This version looks much more difficult, but actually this case the MADs can find more relations and they can defend themself easier. Or not :). It brings you much deeper into unexpected topics for sure. However I can say we played only a few games yet, but I already like this variant better so next update will contain this feature too!

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