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Accuse button

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With larger groups sometimes it’s difficult to organize a vote, which can slow down the game. So we added “Accuse” button.

Old method was only a shock option: players voted in real life, and add the result to the app.
Now you can choose to use “Accuse” so the app will manage the voting in a fair and quick way.

– when a new accusation starts, it attracts attention of other players by playing a sound
– every accusation needs a player who starts it. So it makes players to express their opinions openly.
– players have a chance to survive.
– if you start an accusation in a good time, it is possible to manipulate it in your favour, when players are confused and you expect them they will just go with the crowd.
– whenever an accustion starts, other players have 10 seconds to prolong the accusation. It makes the game faster and also more exciting (will the next player join befor the timer stops or not).

Recommended use: if two players join to an accusation, it will be a valid one. If a valid accusation doesn’t get enough vote it fails. After three failed accusation, the round ends with “Equal votes”.
You can’t start a new accusation for the same player after he survived one. Only after another player was accused.
Before accusation, always let the accused player defend itself.
If you find other good setup, please send your feedback to info@worddetective.app/blog!

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