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Genius player powers

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In our todays update we added extra powers to the GENIUS (most creative, funniest) players.
A little history: The first name of the title was “funniest”, then we realized it’s not good when there is no funny words, so we added “most creative”. I don’t want to remove the “funniest” part, as I want to encourage the players to be funny.

So far I found it is was not enough motivating to get the title of the GENIUS player. Players were not “fighting” to earn it. So I added three options in the game start:

GENIUS player powers:

  1. No power
  2. Night chance: If the funniest player is a MED, and you are selected for night-shock WITH 50-50 (only one of the MAD players selected you), then the other selected MED will be shocked.
  3. Extra IQ: If you are selected for a night-shock, you will survive a night-shock (only once). You have so much IQ, then one shock will make you only normal level.
  4. Bed swap: if the funniest player is a MED, that player has an option to swap his bed with another player (only once). Example: the MADs selected player A to shock, and the funny MED is player B. He selects to swap with player C, then player C will be shocked instead of him. If he selects to swap with A, then A will be shocked (this way he can shock a MAD in the night).

For all options we calculate Genius only based on first two nights. (currently the software asks who is the funniest also in later rounds, but it has no effect.

How is Genius calculated in first two round?
In case of option (2) and (3), it cause no problem: the Genius is calculated only the end of the night (it is also possible to be another Genius in those first two rounds, but always only one player is currently the Genius: the first Genius loses the title if a new Genius comes up)

Option (4) its a different story.
Tthe problem here that during the night the Genius votes are in progress.
so we need an extra step (which is okay, because also MADs have extra steps in night phase with shocking)
The exact working is: if you are a MED you get the phone, and it says: pick the Genius player.
When you hit OK, then software also asks:
“Pick a player to swap beds (it happens only in case you will be the Genius)!”
So every MED enter this info, in the end of the night the funniest MED is calculated, and only this one swap happens.

INFO: for now we DONT give any info in daystart info about how and why anyone was shocked or survived.

FOR ALL OPTION: The there are equal votes for Genius players, the softtware randomly chooses one.

Option (2) and (3) works even if Genius is a MAD and a MED (for example more teams, the MAD can survive one nightshock, or a self-shock). Option (4) works only if the Genius is a MED.

Now these are current options which needs a lot of testing. So please send your feedback to info@worddetective.app/blog. Thank you!

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